Why people are becoming vegan?


It is quite inquisitive how in the largest milk producer country in the world, people are adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle. Let’s peek into the reasons.


Why vegan but not vegetarian


Veganism is considered a new term as it is not as famous as vegetarianism. Many people know what does vegetarian means but they ask what is “vegan”. Being an Indian I know that the concept of vegetarianism is very famous. So why I am saying to turn vegan, what’s new is this?? Is it a …


How to make Instant “Uttapam”without curd

Breakfast, Dinner Ideas, Food

Uttapam is mostly made from the leftover of Dosa or idli batter but it can be made instantly also. Uttapam is made with semolina and vegetables.  


Vegan food that you are eating before even turning vegan

Food, Veganism

There are many myths about vegan food. In India, many people think that It is a foreign concept hence we won’t find vegan food easily. But since a large group of people of India is vegetarian hence it’s very easy to find vegan food too. Yes, you read right I am saying about vegetarians because …


Vegan Tofu Cutlets

Food, Street Food

Tofu is the best vegan option for all the paneer dishes. It doesn’t make many variations in the taste. There are many varieties of soyabeans and tofu made from different variants are available in the market. We can make paneer tikka, all paneer vegetables, paneer bhajiyas, and garnish tofu in different dishes.

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