Prepare Vegan Almond milk at home

Beverage, Plant based Milk

Many people ask questions that what is an alternative option for animal milk. To answer that, there are different types of nut milk or soya milk, oats milk, rice milk and we can make them all at home. There is a myth that these vegan milks are very expensive. But I wanna clarify that these …


Take your first step to be Vegan


Getting Veganized This post is about how to be a vegan. I am writing this keeping in mind mainly Indians. Though others might relate it with too. I have seen many Indian people saying that Indians can’t be vegan. As it gets very expensive and they can’t afford it. If you think like this than …


Make Indian street food “Vegan Ragda-pattice” at home

Dinner Ideas, Food, Street Food

Ragda pattice is prepared with either raw banana or potato and chickpeas , lots of spices and turmeric paste.


Healthy Gooseberry/Amla juice for winter


As it is winter season now in India, we know that now very tasty and healthy vegetables and fruits are going to be in the market. One of the very healthy fruit is a gooseberry. “Amla” called in Hindi.  

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