Tips to make perfect Indian vegan tea

Beverage, Indian Kitchen, Kitchen Tips

If you are a transitioning vegan, I can feel your pain. Some times it’s a headache to make that perfect good looking and satisfactory tea.


How to boil lentils (Pulses/Daal)

Indian Kitchen, Kitchen Tips

Cooking lentils is very first thing you have to learn when Cooking Indian food.


Veg Fried Recipe \ How to make fried rice

Dinner Ideas, Food, Lunch Recipes

Veg rice recipe easy to make with lots of your favorite vegetables.


Why people are becoming vegan?


It is quite inquisitive how in the largest milk producer country in the world, people are adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle. Let’s peek into the reasons.


Quarantine cooking recipes with less green vegetables

Food, Veganism

In this quarantine period, cook some Indian dishes that will require very little amount of green vegetables or no vegetables at all.

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