Ripe Banana Sabzi

Food, Indian Curries (Sabzi)

Some people don’t like to eat over ripped bananas, so this recipe is good to go. Very few spices are needed to prepare this recipe.Generally it is made in Gujrati or jain homes.


Gatte Ki Sabzi (Besan ke Gatte) without curd

Food, Indian Curries (Sabzi)

“Besan ke gatte” or “Gatte ki Sabzi” is gravy dish prepared in the state of India- ‘Rajsthan’. It is made with gram flour. Small pressed round shaped ball like pieces, fried in the gravy made with gram flour. It can be eaten with chapati, paratha , Bati and also with rice.


Vegan buttermilk (Beverage)

Beverage, Food

The best thing about vegan butter milk is , we have many different plant based milks available ,so there can be many ways to prepare butter milk. Every milk gives different taste. It is sour and salty in taste because of lemon and salts.


Is corona actually killing people??

Random thoughts

We have been reading many different research reports on corona since it’s emergence , which contradicts there own statements too. Is corona actually a deadly pandemic as shown?


Instant Bitter gourd pickle

Dips, Food

Indian pickles are made with so many spices , that explodes very different flavors. Indian pickles generally can be stored for months and it actually gets better in taste as time passes.

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