How to prepare Cashew Milk at home

Beverage, Plant based Milk

After turning vegan, first thing Indians may worry about is, how they are going to have their most favorite drink i.e. “Tea”. Finding plant-based milk in India is still a headache. In small cities, you may not find nut milk or soya milk easily. So why not to make it at home.  


9 Different Vegan Teas that I have tested


Talking/ reading or writing about tea makes you want to have a cup of it. Tea is 2nd most consumed beverage after water in the world. There are more than 3000 varieties of teas in the world. India itself consumes and produces teas in a very large quantity. Teas of Assam and Darjeeling are very …


Make Indian Masala Tea with Vegan Milk

Beverage, Food

  Prime minister of India Narendra Modi Ji launched ” Chai pe charcha” (Discussion over tea) in 2014 an outreach program is an example that how much we Indians love our tea.   It is the second most popular drink in the world consumed after water.  


How to make Vegan and Healthy Tomato Soup


There used be a poem in kindergarten in hindi that ” Lal Tamatar khaynege, mote ho ke jaynge” now though no one wants to to be fat but everyone want to be Healthy.  


Start your day with Healthy Coriander Juice


So I was talking with my maa and got to know that one of her friend’s son got a kidney problem.He now has to go for diagnosis. Diagnosis at a young age of 30 sounds very sad It got me into thinking that where we are heading. 25-30-year-olds are having cancer, depression, lung problems, and …

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