• Dr. Renu Kotwale says:

    Is death statastices is necessary to show greviance of diseases? Yes plant based food is good but isn’t plants too are polluted by inorganic pesticides and fertilizers. If I say that we as humans should try to revive and refuel eco system on day to day basis. I see pesudo educated consumption and exhaustive use of natural resources ,so there is difference in stating and acting accordingly. So not even diet but air ,water mental hygiene is also important to boost personal and social immunity which is again a ephorbia.

    • Labdhi says:

      There is no guarantee that people having plant based diet would not catch any disease but probability reduces because of strong immune system. Of course pollutants and pesticides affect health but it can not be compared with panic and fear created right now. There are many reports presented now which are saying that many people infected with covid are already facing other serious health issues. Resetting earth to normal again is bigger task and not easy at all.


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