Veganizing: 10 Reasons Why you should be vegan


Veganism is one of the most powerful ways in which you can support animal rights, spare the planet, protect your body, and live without moral compromises. More people go vegan every day, and if you’re committed to this lifestyle, you won’t find it as difficult to follow as you think.


Vegan Cashew cheese from agar flakes

Food, Veganism

Vegan cashew cheese is made with cashew, agar-agar , nutritional yeast and vinegar or lemon. It is made with plant based ingredientes only.


Comeback of Turmeric roots post Corona

Indian home, Veganism

Turmeric has played a vital role in the Indian kitchen since ages. Turmeric powder is used as spice in countless Indian dishes, used as medicine, and on wounds because of it’s antibacterial properties.


Vegan cheese/Mayo brands in India


As made with plant based milk vegan cheese can also be prepared with seeds such as sesame, sunflower and nuts like cashew, almond, with different oils like coconut, sunflower.Vegan cheese can be good source of protein. Some vegan cheese are not only free from dairy but nuts too.It is made from different plant based starch and oils. So people allergic to nuts can try those options.


10 Cruelty-free cosmetics brands in India

Cosmetics, Veganism

Cruelty free means product made without testing on animals while vegan means no animal derived ingredient.

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