Immunity booster Kadha/decoction drink at home

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Kadha is an Ayurvedic home remedy that can protect you, make you stronger from within, and also help in fighting seasonal infections. Kadha or decoction is basically drink prepared with different herbs, simmered in water. It is taken while having any cold or fever or any seasonal flu.


Chai/Tea Masala Recipe

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The essence of Indian tea lies mostly in Tea Masala. It is a mixture of different spices like ginger powder, black pepper, cardamom powder, clove powder, nutmeg. All dry spices are powdered and mixed. This gives a different aroma and flavor to the tea.


Roasted Cumin Powder

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Cumin seeds and cumin powder are two different things. Roasted cumin powder is more aromatic than cumin seeds and has more intense flavor. Though powder is prepared from the seeds only still it gives a different flavor. Try to make it fresh rather than buying from stores.


How to make Khaman/Dhokla

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In this blog I will try to explain how can you make dhokla or khamand. Basically it’s steaming the stuff. You can make it in the microwave too. If you are trying to make this on the stove, then follow the following steps- Take a big pot, place it on the stove on high flame. …


Tips to make perfect Indian vegan tea

Beverage, Indian Kitchen, Kitchen Tips

If you are a transitioning vegan, I can feel your pain. Some times it’s a headache to make that perfect good looking and satisfactory tea.

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