Immunity booster Kadha/decoction drink at home

Beverage, Food, Indian Kitchen

Kadha is an Ayurvedic home remedy that can protect you, make you stronger from within, and also help in fighting seasonal infections. Kadha or decoction is basically drink prepared with different herbs, simmered in water. It is taken while having any cold or fever or any seasonal flu.


Vegan Cashew cheese from agar flakes

Food, Veganism

Vegan cashew cheese is made with cashew, agar-agar , nutritional yeast and vinegar or lemon. It is made with plant based ingredientes only.


Jalebi without curd and yeast at home

Desserts, Food

Jalebi is an Indian sweet dish , dipped in to sugar syrup and made with all purpose flour. It is crispy from outside and soft inside.


Dry Soybean curry Indian style

Food, Indian Curries (Sabzi)

To make dry curry Soak soybeans for 7-8 hours then boil in a pressure cooker and cook in vegetable oil. It is very easy to make and quick once boiled.


Plantain(Raw Banana) khichadi Recipe

Breakfast, Dinner Ideas, Food

This raw banana khichadi tatses very much like sago khichadi. Is is salty and little sweet because of pomegranate. Pomegranate gives a very little sweet flavor and don’t let it taste dry. You can make it for breakfast as it will keep you full and energetic for a long time.

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