Make Soybean milk at home

Beverage, Plant based Milk

Soy milk is so inexpensive, easy to make and you will need only 2 ingredients- ‘Soybean and water’. You can use milk for making tea, coffee, tofu (soy paneer), curd and in many more items. Scratch from milk can be used to make Namkeen senv ( Indian spicy snack), Dhokla, soybean sticks etc.


How to prepare Cashew Milk at home

Beverage, Plant based Milk

After turning vegan, first thing Indians may worry about is, how they are going to have their most favorite drink i.e. “Tea”. Finding plant-based milk in India is still a headache. In small cities, you may not find nut milk or soya milk easily. So why not to make it at home.  


Prepare Vegan Almond milk at home

Beverage, Plant based Milk

Many people ask questions that what is an alternative option for animal milk. To answer that, there are different types of nut milk or soya milk, oats milk, rice milk and we can make them all at home. There is a myth that these vegan milks are very expensive. But I wanna clarify that these …

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