Vegan Besan barfi/gram flour fudge recipe

Desserts, Food

Besan Burfi is a popular Indian sweet made with gram flour, ghee,sugar and flavored with cardamom and saffron. Barfi is something which is set like a fudge. It can be eaten without setting too if not made solid.


Vegan Chocolate cake recipe, egg-less, butter-free, dairy-free

Desserts, Food

Vegan cakes are prepared with replacing eggs, butter and dairy with oil and plant-based milk. There is no change in sponge or taste.


Jalebi without curd and yeast at home

Desserts, Food

Jalebi is an Indian sweet dish , dipped in to sugar syrup and made with all purpose flour. It is crispy from outside and soft inside.


Vegan Muffins recipe

Desserts, Food, Home Baking

Vegan muffins taste very similar to regular muffins. All you need is flour, plant based milk , oil ,baking powder, soda and sugar.


Vegan Shrikhand with coconut pulp

Desserts, Food

“Shrikhand” is Indian dessert ,prepared with milk. This vegan shrikhand is prepared with coconut pulp, it’s fully raw, healthy and very quick and easy to make.

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