How to make Instant “Uttapam”without curd

Breakfast, Dinner Ideas, Food

Uttapam is mostly made from the leftover of Dosa or idli batter but it can be made instantly also. Uttapam is made with semolina and vegetables.  


Make masala Corn Chaat

Dinner Ideas, Food

Doctors say that we should eat different colors in our food. It means that there should be a variety of food which has different colors. A plant-based diet has many health benefits.  


How to make Chapati (Indian Bread)

Dinner Ideas, Food, Lunch Recipes

In India, it is said that if a girl knows how to make round shaped chapatis she is eligible for marriage now. Mothers teach their daughters to cook and it is considered very important that a girl should know basic cooking. Though time has changed now. But the food isn’t. Man has to eat something. …


Make Indian street food “Vegan Ragda-pattice” at home

Dinner Ideas, Food, Street Food

Ragda pattice is prepared with either raw banana or potato and chickpeas , lots of spices and turmeric paste.

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