Plantain(Raw Banana) khichadi Recipe

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This raw banana khichadi tatses very much like sago khichadi. Is is salty and little sweet because of pomegranate. Pomegranate gives a very little sweet flavor and don’t let it taste dry. You can make it for breakfast as it will keep you full and energetic for a long time.


Handvi pancake (Vegetable pancake)

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Handvi or Handvo is popular cuisine of Gujrat, India. It is basically a vegetable pan cake prepared with rice and lentils but can be made with many different ingredients. Generally it is prepared with filling of grated bottle gourd but batter can be made in different styles and different vegetables can be used too.


Leftover Roti (Chapati) Poha

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Masala poha from leftover chapati is good option to stop food wastage. It is a quick and very easy to make Indian vegan dish, can be made in breakfast. Use of vegetables are up to choice.


Dhokla from soyabean scratch

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So a ‘Dhokla’ is basically a gujrati snack that can be prepared with many different ingredients like gram flour, rice , Moong beans etc. So this for this dhokla of course you will need soybean scrap from your milk , Urad daal ,moong daal, and rice flour.


Make Healthy Breakfast , Mung beans

Breakfast, Food

Indian vegan breakfast mung beans are easy to make and healthy option.

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