“Ahimsa” is a very old term Used in India from centuries. Some how from change of time people detached with it. We through this medium are trying to bring it on again as veganism into everyone’s life. It is very important to understand that animals are also living beings as humans, they have equal right to live on this planet and we don’t have any right to kill them,eat them,wear them or use them.

Animals also feel pain there is no easy or harmless way to kill them. They are important for our planet too. If we want to live a peaceful life and save our environment we must not harm them or use them. Because of animal farming we are facing climate destruction.

So now is the high time that we cut all the animal products out of our life , no cruelty but only love and kindness.

We are here to help you do this act of kindness and live your life with compassion. We will help you finding Vegan options for food and how to live a beautiful vegan lifestyle in India.


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