Vegan Besan barfi/gram flour fudge recipe

Desserts, Food

Besan Burfi is a popular Indian sweet made with gram flour, ghee,sugar and flavored with cardamom and saffron. Barfi is something which is set like a fudge. It can be eaten without setting too if not made solid.

Veganizing: 10 Reasons Why you should be vegan


Veganism is one of the most powerful ways in which you can support animal rights, spare the planet, protect your body, and live without moral compromises. More people go vegan every day, and if you’re committed to this lifestyle, you won’t find it as difficult to follow as you think.

Traditional Gujrati Daal Dhokli Recipe

Dinner Ideas, Food

Gujrati Daal dhokli is prepared with Toor daal and wheat dough. Strips made with dough are cooked in toor daal flavored as sweet, tangy, and spicy all in one.

Vegan Chocolate cake recipe, egg-less, butter-free, dairy-free

Desserts, Food

Vegan cakes are prepared with replacing eggs, butter and dairy with oil and plant-based milk. There is no change in sponge or taste.

Yellow Urad daal Dhaba style

Daal Recipes, Food

Yellow Urad daal or husked black gram is made from the black gram. Mainly cultivated in South Asia. Punjabi Dhaba style Daal is very popular in India.

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